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Perfect Spice Healing Formula is a combination of key healing spices with superior anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, natural antibiotic, immune system building ingredients to  relieve pain and enhance circulation and bonus of reducing blood sugar and lower blood pressure by simply taking a daily capsule!


Throughout the world spices are used for medicinal purposes and is widely known to improve health and cure many diseases. The ancient art and science of healing along with healthy aging has been embrace by the Holistic Healing Culture today with outstanding results through strict diets of consuming specialize food choices.

My supplement provides a complete spectrum of healthy nutrition to consistently sustain good health combining the exact quantities of spices without dangerous side effects.

Perfect Spice Healing Formula enables 10 areas of good health with an Optimal Heart Rate Variability to:

Reduce Inflammation and pain throughout the body-

Eliminates Allergies -

Improves Mental Focus-

Reduce Anxiety-

Improve Physical Mobility and ease of movement-

Boost Immune system -

Enable Restful Sleep-

Eliminates Acid Reflux-

Relieves Constipation-

Natural Antibiotic for infections-

Provide increase physical endurance and stamina-

Accelerate physical muscle and joint recovery from injury-

Energy throughout the day...

No dietary changes, No side effects, NO WAITING WEEKS AND MONTHS TO FEEL THE BENEFITS. Feel the positive effects in days!

Simply take 2 capsules at bedtime and 1 in the morning......

If not able to swallow, can open and empty capsules in a couple ounces of water, juice, etc.

Viruses can be deadly by attacking the immune system and can quickly destroy your life. Without a strong immune system the body is not not equipped to defend itself from this deadly virus. Those with pre-existing conditions have compromised immune systems and the use of this product will dramatically improve the immune system.


Benefits of PSHF Include:

Maintain healthy immune system, reduce aches and pains, restful sleep, more energy, eliminate infections, eliminate allergies, promotes healthy aging.

Will replace most over the counter drugs and useless supplements with the opportunity to retire prescription meds as well!


Brief Customer Success Stories

Tracy Batiste

Since I start using Perfect Spice healing formula 8 years ago. I no longer have back pain or swollen joints. My skin is beautiful and I have lots of energy. I stand by this product it works.

age 50


Netiece Brooks

Inflammation is no joke right? Well....Im here to tell you that whatever Lowey has developed in these capsules has totally agreed with eliminating my pain situation.Thanks Bro....thanks for keeping it real and right on time with your Perfect Spice Healing formula.

age 44


Grace Shephard

Okay...great product! I hurt my foot earlier this year. Afterward, the pain traveled to my knee, causing me to limp or walk very slow. Now, Along with the pain being gone, I have more energy and my focus has increased! Again, great product. I've been buying it for my family because we ALL need to enhance our lives! Thanks!

age 57

Seven Day trial pack for you to quickly feel the life changing benefits for a small $17.00 investment.

Most people will start to feel the benefits within 3 days when taking 2 at bedtime and 2 in the morning.

Immediate changes is more restful sleep, greater energy throughout the day, reduce pain and anxiety.

Ship Anywhere in the USA!

Full Size Bottle One Month Supply $37.00

Trial Size Package 7 Day supply $17.00

Monthly Subscription Discount (Includes Shipping) $32.00 (Best Value)

Full Size Bottle

At age 64 I feel 30 again! The long term effects is what I am most proud of providing greater energy, mental focus, pain and headache free, lower blood sugar and pressure, improve digestion, and normalizing cholesterol levels for a healthy heart.


Feeling great without harmful medication nor intrusive diets. I and others are blessed to have improved our health and so can you.


With regular use will assist with greater energy, mental focus, anti- anxiety, pain and allergy relief, increase strength and mobility, rapid injury recovery, improve digestion and relaxing deep sleep, boost immune system (sick less often).


Immediate benefits is more energy, better sleep, greater focus, pain and allergy relief.

For Healthy gums and teeth!

Sprinkle generously on your toothbrush over toothpaste to relieve tooth pain and remove infection.

Monthly subscription cancellation

Healthy Skin:

Youthful Glow, prevents acne, tightens and exfoliates skin, heals psoriasis.

About acid base diseases:

Inflammation has become a hot topic over the past few years. The latest scientific research has concluded that inflammation is behind more than 80% of the illnesses we suffer from including arthritis to heart disease. Inflammation leads to a multitude of health problems including allergies, joint and muscle pain. Preventing or fighting this problem can restore you to a healthier, happier life and add many pain free years to your life. Inflammation also plays a key role with allergies, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, chronic fatigue, and a host of many others including being linked to cancer. 

This photo was taken at age 48 when I was fatigued, aging, stressed and overweight.

Modern medicine consistently uses artificial chemicals to treat symptoms while the healing benefits of spices have been reduced to taste agents for our food and ignored as a serious method of healing.

The magic of combining key spices has been a lost health remedy until now... This product can and will save you money with continuous use! Read more!

Good health does not occur by chance and family history only applies when we eat the foods and live the lifestyle as our parents before us. You can change your life at any age at any time. The formula for a healthy life to combat illness and disease is to maintain a healthy immune systems by controlling inflammation and enhancing energy from nourishing sources.

The foods we eat is a major contributor toward the cause of chronic inflammation. This is due to most foods are acid forming in the body which rapidly accelerates inflammation. Depending on the quantity of acid forming foods consumed will determine the level of inflammation that may exist in one's body. As we age our bodies are not as equipped to eliminate acid while maintaining good health.

Another cause of chronic inflammation is stress. Stress is the silent killer not because of the stress itself but the damage it causes to the body by the formation of excess acid buildup.

Inflammation can also enter the body through products we may think that are harmless such as, deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps, lotions, perfumes and even allergies to the family pet along with poor indoor air quality.

Exercise is a great way to reduce inflammation however it only eliminates small amounts of acid vs the massive quantity that is consumed by most people. Over time this imbalance could have an opposite effect during exercise by accelerating the bodies inflammation level through pain as we age.

Cellular Energy has been discussed among research experts as providing the key to anti-aging, better health and greater energy. In simple terms, Cellular Energy in my product combines oxygen and alkaline forming spices infused together for superior nourishment. Bonus benefit is improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels...without dramatic diet modifications.

Regardless of a person's age, weight or health status this perfect blend of spices will not only protect your body but also infuse you with alkaline forming nutrition to combat and dramatically reduce all forms of inflammation. One of the many benefits of the formula is the sudden surge in energy. This benefit is the key component of why the formula works so well for all who takes it.

Most if not all products on the market are created to increase energy but also raises the the inflammation level through acid forming delivery systems. This method reduces our body's overall immune system defense and makes us susceptible to colds, flu and other viruses.

Seeing is believing, also feeling is so much better… Read my personal story and my journey to better health.

How does the formula work .....and when do I take it?

Perfect Spice healing formula is a capsule of highly concentrated spices created from many years of research and testing to enable greater energy, boost immune system resulting in optimum overall health.

Simply take 2 at bedtime and 1 in the morning without food will transform your body gradually. Depending on a persons age, diet, general overall health will determine the tangible effects you will experience. For some results can be felt within hours, others could be days, then worse case it could take weeks.

The alkaline ingredients works with your body's immune system to counter balance the acid content accumulated over time. Once the balance starts to restore the body begins to heal itself in amazing ways.

For those who have experienced a lifetime of poor eating, may be necessary to start with a higher concentration: such as 2 at bedtime, 2 in the morning and 2 midday between meals. The accelerated concentration will enable overall benefits to occur much faster toward the road of better health. Once you begin to feel the benefits then reduce intake to 2 before bedtime and 1 in the morning without food.


Will it lower my blood sugar and cholesterol levels?

Absolutely the spice formula's ingredients are specifically blended together to achieve this through my results and others.

If I take it without food will it upset my stomach?

Not at all. The formula helps to rid the body of impurities and acts as a filter to alkaline enrich the body. It will calm an upset stomach.

What happens if I take more than the recommended amount?

The body will use what it needs without any harmful effects. It can be a meal replacement during the day.

My friend takes it before a workout, why?

Taking 1 or 2 just before working out enables greater energy during the workout and quick recovery after to achieve your goals faster.

My body is different, nothing works, why try this?

All of our bodies react the same with the proper nutrients however the time to response is different for everyone. After taking the formula if you are thinking finally got a good night sleep which is why I feel better, it is the formula working. Be patient, let it build up in your system, your body will respond.

Why take 2 at bedtime without food?

Our body performs all of its healing magic while we sleep. The alkaline ingredients will then go to work to assist the body heal itself during a deep sleep to awaken alert, energized and relaxed.

Again, I would think it would keep me awake if I take it at bedtime, but I sleep better?

During the deep stages of NREM sleep, the body repairs and regrows tissues, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system.

As you get older, you sleep more lightly and get less deep sleep. Aging is also linked to shorter time spans of sleep, although studies show you still need as much sleep as when you were younger.

Do I need to keep taking my other vitamin products to maintain good health that I normally take?

Absolutely not!!! Perfect Spice Healing Formula is the only health aid supplement your body needs to maintain optimum health and energy. My request to my customers is to discontinue all other products for up to 2 weeks or during the trail period and let my product enable its magic! For the health conscience individual it will save you money and improve your health.

Why not just add the spices to the foods I eat every day?

The quantity of the spice on your food is not enough to make a difference and the spice cannot compete with the amount of food our bodies digest resulting in little to no positive effects from the spices, not to mention the food may cancel completely the nutrition value of the spice completely.

Does it really work for a toothache?

Absolutely! Just open a capsule and sprinkle over a toothbrush and brush the infected area for several minutes, repeat 2 to 3 times a day. Toothache gone!!!!

More Testimonials:

I bought a new mattress and pillows 2-weeks ago. After the first night sleeping on it, I acquired a backache, and my neck mobility was severely affected, due to the elevated angle the new pillows created between my head & back. I acquired a bottle of of Perfect Spice, and within one usage cycle, my back pain was GONE! My neck pain had DISAPPEARED!! I started a new job this week, and was concerned about fatigue throughout the day. I'd pretty much awoken when I wanted, and sat around all day previous to this. I would even take frequent afternoon naps. I can truly say that throughout the day, I am spry and alert! Where I thought I would be returning home, and taking a nap following work, quite the opposite has occurred! I am extremely happy for my current state of health, and I owe it all to Perfect Spice!!!


I have had severe body pain for a little over a year now, with the majority of it being in my back. I would see a doctor and they would all say it's aging, a slip disk or something that pain pills would cure. That was not the solution I was looking for. I wanted the pain to stop, not to mask it. I stopped going to Dr's and just dealt with the pain. I usually fast once a year to give my body a rest and during that time the pain went away. As soon as I started eating again it came back. I started searching the Internet for what could possible be wrong and inflammation kept coming up. The next day I mentioned to a friend about the research and she suggested Perfect Spice Healing Formula. I reluctantly chose to give it a try. What could I lose? I had tried everything else. After just two days my pain went from more than a 100% to now at around 30%. This is the most relief I've had in a very long time. I look forward to what other benefits my body will have in the coming weeks and months.


My son says these are the best things in the world. He notices the boost in energy as he is no longer sleeping in…

He got bad sunburn earlier this week and called me (sent a picture – he is torched) to ask you if it does anything for sunburn. LOL!

Actually it does.... open 4 capsules, mix approx 2 Oz milk and 4 Oz water splash generously on the surface for 5 to 10 minute. Will feel better in the morning. Do not rinse. I wash my face with this method daily.

Morning Bill,

Did your son try the remedy for his sunburn?

Also, spread the word to friends and family especially the older less healthy individuals. Will really help them!

I am selling hard. Most say they will wait till I have been taking it a few months. He did not, but yours truly was with him and scorched the back of my legs. Never burned like this... I mixed 2 capsules in 1 oz milk n 2 oz water (1/2 the recipe). AMAZING. After continually rinsing my legs till gone (not comfortable but what can u do) let air dry, watched some tv and went to bed. It was that kind of sunburn where the sheets hurt to touch. Climbed in a VERY little pain. Wow! Slept well and by morning they were a little tender but 90% better from a killer burn. To test it further - I didn't do a section of my legs. That section was still as tender / painful the next day as the previous day! : ) Unbelievable!


"I feel better than I have in years and no longer taking any prescription medications. During my semi-annual doctor visits, my doctor says I don't know what you are doing but keep on doing it!"

- Gloria Alexander, Age 78, Mother

"I feel the formula was designed specifically for me! At one point, I suffered from awful stomach pain and fatigue on a daily basis. I tried every medication from Tums to prescriptions and nothing seemed to help. I started taking the formula and after a week I noticed the difference. I was finally able to live my life and not worry about my stomach issues and pain. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful product! - Michelle Thomas, Age 30

Most often I do not maintain a healthy diet and was tired plus the stress from work increased my anxiety. After taking the formula I feel much better, have more energy and my stress level is reduced

James age 55

I have been tired and sluggish for years and had given up on thinking I could live a normal life again. I started taking the vitamin in December 2014 and my life changed for the better. I tell everyone about how great it is and grateful for it being introduced to me.

Shirley age over 70

These vitamins are awesome have been taking them for a few years now I suffered from bad allergies and asthma haven't use my inhaler nor need breathing treatment vitamins rocks ladies it gives you that soft beautiful radiant skin also help with weight loss

Belle age 30

These spices have truly helped my father and I. He has sleep apnea, but after a week, he was able to sleep more peacefully. As for me, it corrected my sleeping patterns, and allowed me to focus a whole lot more. I recommend this to everyone. It's all natural and it works wonders!

Amber age 27

I had the worse toothache ever and could not afford to go to the dentist. Hurt so much I was in tears. My friend told me about the formula and for me to try it. I sprinked on my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. The next morning no pain and I felt great and started to loose weight. This is awesome!

Donna age 32

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