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My Personal Testimony

I have been an asthma sufferer my entire life. The only remedy provided for a severe asthma attack as a child was an injection of epinephrine which I received on a regular basis from a child well into my twenties!

Along with battling asthma I was dealing with the side effects from the medication. The medication caused rashes on my body, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, chronic fatigue and the steroids I also took promoted weight gain and a weak immune system resulting in stiff joints and chronic foot and back pain along with muscle soreness. I was experiencing rapid weight gain and was very depressed. In parallel to all other issues I suffered from, poor digestion, acid reflux and brain fog worsen my condition and affected my ability to concentrate and focus. Common to many other almost 50 yrs. old's exercising left me fatigued, sore and due to the long recovery time to get over aches and pains so I never was able to sustain an exercise program over time to loose weight.

For many years I experimented with over the counter vitamin and supplements to overcome the need to take the medication. Some combinations worked for a short while but over time had no affect and was back to square one again. At a certain period in my life I consumed over 70 vitamins a day to achieve what I thought was maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I was so convinced of its value my family and friends participated in the regiment as well. As I got older I understood my body better and developed an intense understanding about how my body processed food and how destructive chemicals in the foods we eat everyday causes long-term health problems. I took my asthma medication most often after a meal or the middle of the night to relieve an asthma attack. The common problem with eating in general for an asthmatic is its effect on the digestive system and various allergies to the foods we eat.

Over time the asthma got worse, taking the inhaler 10 to 15 times a day including waking up at night due to shortness of breath. My anxiety was at its peak, unable to sleep, constantly sick due to a weak immune system, starting to develop high blood pressure, chronic Acid Reflux, severe back and leg pains from an accident years ago, feet swelling, depression and chronic fatigue. I was losing the health battle and most of all I was losing control of my life. I knew there was something to reverse all that I was experiencing but nothing was working long term.

In parallel to the challenges with my breathing I was experiencing back pain from a motorcycle accident 30 years earlier. Over time I could not sleep, sit, stand or walk without extreme pain and was considering back surgery to relieve the pain. As the symptoms worsen I also experienced the Sciatic Nerve Leg Pain down my left leg which was worse than any pain I had experience before.

Another annoying side effect from the asthma medication was a frequent rashes that would come and go for years. A remedy I discovered by accident initially was to mix spices in my bath water and after applying a new formula to my skin within days the rash disappeared. I applied it to a 2nd rash and that one disappeared. At this point I started to think I was on to something. So I mixed the ingredients in a drink and the acid reflux and anxiety stopped within a day. The next major change was the brain fog and I was thinking clearly for the 1st time in years. After mixing the ingredients in a tea bag and drinking after a meal my inhaler ritual was no longer necessary after meals. I can now even work in the yard all day without suffering from hay fever and asthma attacks. I then mixed the Tea with Bronchial Saline in place of the asthma medication in a Nebulizer and my lungs cleared up better than the asthma medication and is only needed once a day. I am no longer dependent on asthma medication. Finally the formula was transformed into a pill that provided identical benefits as the tea and can be taken when too busy to take 15 to 30 minutes to drink the warm tea.

The extended blend of perfect spices I use has eliminated my need to use any soaps, lotions or deodorants and is also useful as a skin tightening cream to further slow the aging process. Not ready to call it a weight loss miracle but it has helped me loose 40 lbs also!

In my youth I loved to run and thought I was fast, so I decided to run (check, no problem), then I exercised vigorously (check, no problem), then I did 50 pushups (check, no problem), then I slept throughout the night (check, no problem) then finally after constantly being sick in a major way 6 to 7 times a year no more illness (check, no problem). Bonus, I can see much better! No aches, pains breathing problems, just simply “ I Feel Great” and so can you!

Update!!!! 02/10/2015 Recently received all of my annual blood test results and all in low normal range in my 56 year of age. Body is in great shape with my perfect spice formula and has improved every year since 2009 even though I do not subscribe to a so called healthy commercial approved lifestyle. Created versions of the formula in place of soaps, lotions, deodorants and add to toothpaste and use as mouthwash. (what you put in your body is as important as what you put on your body)

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