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Primary Active Ingredients:

The below spices and herbs were selected for their unique ability to aid in digestion, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, remove impurities, boost the immune system to enable a high alkaline effect in the body. Also provides a balance of vitamins and nutrients beyond what a multivitamin can deliver. Each ingredient provides great benefits individually however combined in the correct portions unleashes a healing and wellness effect that is unmatched!

Major ingredients include:





Caraway seed,

Dill Weed,



mixed in a proprietary blend.

Why not buy the spices stand alone and just take them separately? The Perfect Spice Healing Formula was the result of 10 years of trial and error combining over 100 different spices with over hundreds of combinations. None of the prior combinations had value equal to the results achieved with the Perfect Spice Healing Formula. The key to the exceptional effects of the formula is how the ingredients are perfectly combined and balanced together to deliver an optimal result.

The combined ingredients in Perfect Spice Healing Formula enables optimal health for any person of any age without side effects or conflict with prescription medication. Many users of the product feel positive results on day one while the remaining follow on benefits is within days.

It is the last and only vitamin your body will ever need!

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